Fashion For Humanity

Promoting Child Education In Senegal Since 2019

Empowering The Orphans In Tanzania Since 2021

Dear Amazing Supporters, 

We are amazed and humbled by all that we have accomplished together this year.  Thanks to your support, we provided school supplies to 101 school children in Senegal and Tanzania.

We helped pay for a whole year’s worth of food and electricity and we renovated a whole classroom with 54 children in it. The list goes on…

We are extremely thankful for all the progress we made and achieved together.

As we gratefully acknowledge your kind support, we are filled with such a great sense of expectation for the New Year to come. We are convinced that we can together do even greater things this year. Our upcoming events on May 7th will offer a great platform and opportunity for us to touch many more lives, and we are counting on your full support.

We are so grateful for you and can’t thank you enough once again for everything you’ve done for us. Knowing we have your support and dedication makes us a better organization both here in the U.S and in Africa.

This year’s fashion show shall be EPIC

African-inspired designs are dominating the international fashion scene like never before and now is the time once again to appreciate AFRICAN #EXCELLENCE

May 7th shall be EPIC!


Whatever you decide to do, this year’s Africa Fashion Week Seattle will be the highlight of your Spring events calendar.

May 7th, 2022 Event Location: Hilton Hotel in Bellevue Washington