2022 Designers

Kris Kali

Meet Kali also known as Mawule, Emmanuel or Kris. A fashion designer from Togo, West Africa but he currently resides in Portland, Oregon, USA. He creates fashion for men and women with the character and culture of West Africa and influences from around the globe. He has been designing and sewing his own creations for more than 15 years. His inspiration comes from nature, everyday life, and my imagination of what can make life better, more fashionable and more comfortable.

J'adore Couture

Ruth Josephati Urio a wife , a mother and Founder & a Fashion Entrepreneur of an award winning fashion brand J'adore Couture. A brand that is known for its bold, artistic and unique styles. Can be worn by women of all sizes and shapes especially Curvy Women. The goal is to make women feel & look fashionable and confident in their physique.

Roots of Fatima

A reflection of Black culture and iconic timeless fashion, Roots of Fatima Accessories and Apparel is an embodied experience where creativity adorns the cultural muse. The company traces its roots back to the matriarchal influences of power and strength of Fatima, mother of lead designer, Aquila Benjamin. Benjamin has materialized her mothers teachings by crafting pieces that dare you to be bold, fearless and authentic. Capturing iconic fashion trends and fusing them with cultural homage and daringly sexy stylistic choices, the designs displayed by Roots of Fatima are suited to complete any wardrobe. Roots of Fatima is a company that creates customized products for all occasions and events. From fashion shows to special collections, Roots of Fatima delivers an embodied experience of cultural dimensions with every design.


Pashm is a blend of exotic traditional pashmina art with modern, sophisticated and chic style cashmere. The inspiration behind the brand comes from the supereminent Kashmiri wool known for its quality, craftsmanship and class. We started with this ethos and have a number of in-house designers employed from the Indian soil such that they work with the team in Seattle to create signature styles and designs which make “The Pashm” a unique brand in pashmina, jewelry and accessories. Our sole focus is to provide our customers with a signature touch that embodies its designer’s expression of creativity. Pashm has created a new color palette and embellished work like French Lace, Faux Fur, Shinning Sequins, Woven Shimmer and Swarovski Crystals on traditional pashminas/cashmere. Pashm offers a wide variety of jewelry from traditional Indian to contemporary and fusion styles.

Freedom Fashion

Freedom Fashion By Stephano Musa. Stephano Musa enjoys taking inspirations from his African heritage and from his personal experiences. Stephano is also known for Custom Red-Carpet, and stylish men’s undergarments. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy, Freedom Fashion By Stephano Musa.

Pisces Design Studios®

Pisces Design Studios® "If you don't have a look we'll give you one®." PDS® helps positively impact: human equality; world literacy; stop human trafficking; animal rights; and save the bumblebee. They are headed by Managing Director, AletA® Sono io. Started in Boston (1986), they are presently new to Seattle, with studios in: Boston; Miami; Sarasota; Tucson; Italy; and are currently opening offices in France and Greece.


Our clothes are a combination of Brazilian style mixed with French fashion. They are designed by the Brazilian fashion stylist Alessandra Lucchini who brings all the beach culture from Rio de Janeiro with the French touch from the French stylist Marie Noelle Bayard who works for the Haute Couture brands such as de Dior, Kenzo, Michel Klein… We also work with the French designers from The School Of Le Maille De Paris (the only fashion design school in France specialized only in Knitting and crocheting) The Brazilian inspiration can be seen in our lively colors and design.


Created by Jessica Daix in 2011, JDX is not just your average clothing company, but a style guide to your individuality and confidence. Jessica was born and raised in California which gives her looks this effortless feel. Her true influence of her designs is inspired by her parents with her mother from Haiti and Father from Ivory coast (Cote d'ivoire) she is able to create pieces that show her heritage and love for her culture.


zynabeBeauty is an emerging clothing company and online style community with the purpose of instilling confidence and promoting individual expression. ZynabeBeauty Designs creates unique and stylish African influence clothing lines for anyone who cares about what they wear and how they present themselves in public. It's a clothing line designed exclusively for the fashion forward and daring—for young and old who aren't afraid to stand out and defy the norm. We envision a world in which individuals are free to be themselves without fear of judgment. Everything we design is aimed at creating contemporary items that are then integrated into wearable ready-to-go outfits and accessories for our babes to boss in. Our objective is to deliver a varied selection of high-quality collections, as well as an exceptional level of customer service.


A graduate of Renton Technical College for Computer Networking. She worked in the IT field for 12 years, her hobbies are coaching and supporting her community. Coaching, sponsoring little league football and community athletic programs. Olivia is a pillar in both South and Central Seattle and continues to provide her skills and support whenever she is available. She is also the founder of “ Qwing “ , an intersectional apparel brand that specializes in providing dynamic choices for the LGBTQIA+ urban community.


Timbuktu is an African fashion brand. We design and make clothes that are African inspired with elements of world cultures. Timbuktu is a revolutionary clothing line that aims to dictate the future of African fashion by creating trends. We are constantly fed by the insurmountable power of African culture to produce quality clothes, shoes and accessories. Everything we do at Timbuktu is to elevate the human spirit on the road of self-perfection through innovative fashion. Our values are: Integrity, Hard work, Innovation, Compassion, Leadership, Diversity, and Quality. Timbuktu Fashion is a revelation, an inspiration from the ancient city of Timbuktu (West Africa. We are the only Corporate of Kingship

2023 Designers Registration

2023 Designers Registration